After reviewing the results of the email and posting on Facebook, I have concluded that there is not much interest in a reunion in Laughlin.  I would the suggest that mini-reunions be held at the following functions:

            Western Regional Roundup, March every year,

            Old Salts Pig Roast, August every year, RI

            Southern Pig Roast, April every year, Charleston, SC, Thom Beach

REUNION: In Charleston, SC I would like to plan on the fall of 2020. I favor the fall of 2020 since the Western Region Roundup is the last weekend in March, and USSVI National Convention is in Tucson, August 23-30.  I am the coordinator for the Roundup and moderating Kap(SS) 4 Kid(SS) meeting at National.  Also, this gives us plenty of time for delivery of the bench.

Thom Beach has proposed April 19, 2020 to be concurrent with the Southern Pig Roast. If we hold a reunion in April we need to get the bench on order.

BENCH The bench is shown in the two below graphics.  The left graphic is the standard specification sheet.  The bench will have a Tinosa Patch on the top and “SPOSORED BY FORMER SHIPMATES OF USS TINOSA SSN606” on the Front. The right hand graphic is an edited picture of an existing bench to depict how the USS Tinosa  bench will look. Delivery of the bench is 3 – 4 months with a current cost of $3,391.90 (one half due with order).  The total cost just about depletes the treasury, which is what I would like to do.

Give me your views on the above.

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